CloudEngine 1.0

I thought it was time to mark an official milestone – on Friday we packaged up CloudEngine 1.0 and uploaded it to Bitbucket. This is based on the initial upload by my colleague Juliette Culver.

CloudEngine installation - home page. View on Flickr.

This is a good time to mark the end of “phase 1” of the free/ open-sourcing project. Over the past 6 months or so Juliette has made the code ready for open-sourcing (including removing my “@todo” comments;-)); worked tenaciously with OSS Watch, the Open University’s legal department and our funders on licensing and trademarks; worked with Stephen Turvey on our beautiful Aurora theme, and done the hundred and one other things that a ‘launch’ requires. Thank you Juliette!

Now fellow developer, Richard Lovelock and I are getting to grips with Mercurial and Bitbucket, which I think we both quite like. And I’ve been busy adding to the Wiki and setting up Mercurial on our servers for Cloudworks.

Looking forward, Richard is busy with direct/ private messaging, which will be our next new feature. And I’m working on bug-fixes, collaborating to bring more oEmbed providers to Cloudworks and CloudEngine, a proposal for ‘universal’ popups (up-popup),  the roadmap and getting started sections in the Wiki.

We’d love your comments and ideas on all of the above. Watch this space!

About Nick Freear

Author of Moodle 2 for Teaching 4-9 Year Olds, published by Packt Publishing. I'm in the Institute of Educational Technology at The Open University developing OU player, CloudEngine, Cloudworks, JIME... And, I'm into accessibility, HTML5, e-learning & internationalization.
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